Monday, February 2, 2015

Hot Rod Battlewagon 2 Part 3

The next big bit was to get the cab built.  After much monkey work ended up matching what I did on the previous wagon using the wagon prow as the roof:
This go around I decided to use up as many truck and wagon bits I have in by bitsbox, as it's pretty full.  Note the cut down truck windscreen here:
I did some measuring and lined up a rear access door for the cab:
An under cab view;

On to the bed.  I spliced an ork truck bed plate with two battlewagon bed panels:
These are upcycled bits from some cutup kits I got in a trade.  Rather then tear it up even more I just worked around the parts, using them as beat I could:
And bed on frame!  At least I have a playable model now, even if it's not finished:


  1. Coming along very nicely. Look forward to seeing it progress.

  2. Loving how that's coming together!