Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hot Rod Battlewagon 3 Part 1

No rest for the weary.  I'm going to OFCC in July so I now have a deadline.  I have a rough list and I need at least one more Battlewagon.  So today I layed down the frame:
This wagon will be a little bit shorter than the last, mainly because that's the room I have in my foam tray for my bag.  This guy will have an offset chassis to accommodate the larger back wheels.
The frame itself is some Evergreen rectangular tube.

With crossmembers added:
and the offset:
Roughed in with the wheels:

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  1. Does someone have an entire army of all your creations scott? I know you posted the one photo of a finished and painted model...but I can't imagine having just one of your wagons in an army...Now 3-4? Man would that be awesome.