Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hot Rod Battlewagon 3 Part 2


More utility today than anything.  I wanted to incorporate the copious numbers of extra trukk axles I have, mostly to use them up.  The differential does look cool though, so no worries there.  The only issue they are designed for the trukk chassis, and mine is a bit wider.  So choppy chop!
Off go the drops!
I drilled all the way through the differential, and drilled countersinks on the ends to seat the inner axle tubes.  I ran a stiff wire though the bit to give some strength:
Once the inner axle tubes were glued in, I added an outer tube match the wheels and add a bit more strength:
Now after dry fitting everything together I found the rear of the truck was a bit lower than the front, so to jack the back up I added a leftover trukk butt to give a bit of lift, plus it adds some detail:

Lining up the front and rear:
As the whole frame is at an angle I had to shim the middle axle a bit to keep in on the ground.  I glued the front axles right to the frame and have added brackets to give more structure.

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