Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hot Rod Battlewagon 2 part 4

So I got on a run of building and didn't really get in any WIP shots.  All I really did though was lay out parts from my loose bits box that looked like they'd work together, then cut, mashed, forced, glued and swore my way into this point in the build:
It was really more of having a vague vision of what i wanted, then seeing what I had to work with and letting it come together.  I tore the whole backend apart twice before coming to this.  All I wanted for sure was it to be open topped, something that looked like a lot of boyz could pile into and boil over the side of.
Still lots of detail left to do, but it's coming along:
I'm really happy with the roll cage, it's so out of square it's laughable, but it looks cool enough to me and I got to use up all the bits I had!
The running boards are cut down assault ramps:
A shot "under the skirts":
Bracing under the running boards:
 Still lots to do, next up is magnetized weaponry!



  1. The back looks pretty cool, not sure about the front though.

    What weapons do you plan to equip this baby with?

  2. I do think the front could use a bit of beefing up...but I understand the type of vehicle you are trying to represent. I think it needs something covering that very front axle.