Monday, January 26, 2015

Hot Rod Battlewagon 2 part 2

Progress has begun.  Here's where I currently am on the build:
First I needed to cast up some resin tires.  There are plenty on the market that are good options but I wanted some really big, wide tires for this wagon.  No mistaking the Evil Sunz are on this one. Vroom!

I cast up 4 big rear tires and two smaller fronts from an older mold:
After cleanup they got the drill press treatment for bore holes for the axles.
No WIP for the primary frame, but it's not exciting.  I did build a bogus steering setup in the front to attach a linkage to.  You can see here how the axle seats into the tires. you also get a sneak peek of the turbine engine:

The rear axles with the larger rear tires.  The differentials are just stacked sets of tubing.  I'll detail these up later.
The forward axle of the pair got directly glued to the frame. I added some angle cutoffs to help hold it in place. the rear axle had to be put on lifts as I wanted the rear end higher of the ground. I carved down the lifts to seat the round axles in place making sure the whole thing was level as I went.  Once the axles were glued in place I had to put strapping over them for more solidity.  I cut a piece of strp and glued it flat on the axle, then after it cured I added more glue to the inside of the strap than normal to help soften it, then bent the strap down and clamped it in place.
One at a time!
All cured in.  I need to add some gussets later, but for now they're all good.

I gathered up a few parts for the turbine. This I attached to the frame before the wheels so I can work around it:
After adding copius gubbinz the turbine is mostly roughed in.  I need it to this stage so I can build the cab flush with it:


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  1. I really like the turbine so far. Simple and very effective.