Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hot Rod Buggies Part 3

I skipped ahead a bit and finished the body shell.  No real difficulty there.  I also started on the patch and scrap plates.  I'm adding handles and hinges to the doors, made from cut rod and little plates:

Rear view with the ill advised window:
And the opposite side view:
I'd like to show how I've been working my edges.  They need to be rough, but I didn't want to agonize over the detail.  A little goes a long way on the guys and it's easy to get carried away.

I start by using my cylinder cutting bit to carve a bevel on my edges.  My main aim here is to take off the square edges.

Then, using the edge of the bit I carve rough "crinkles" in the bevel.  I move the bit along the edge as well as letting it drift onto the flat edges of the body.

I decided at some point to add fenders.  With some fiddling I was able use the ones from the classic buggy. The fronts I mounted on the top of the hub, with a bit of cutting.

The rear fenders I mounted directly to the tire.  I cut the bushing out  to fit on top of the axle.  I rotated the fender around the tire until I got the best fit, the glued it in.  I trimmed the rivets off of the three struts as these were going to mate right against the body shell.  I glued at these contact points as well as the wheel, just as normal.

Here's the buggy so far.  I need to rough up the fenders, the look too clean.  I probably should have done it before I attached them.  They'll need some bracing in the front, I'll get to that after I get the front end engine work done.

I decided on straight pipes for the exhaust.  They are super easy and fit the look well.  Just plastic tube with and angled cut on one end.
Once they were set, I added some braces to the exhaust for show.  I may have to reenforce the tubes from underneath, but I'm not worried about that right now.  I also added some struts to the fenders to keep them from snapping off.
Once that was done I needed to add the rockets.  I decided I wanted a turret, for no other reason that it seemed silly.  The turret base is two Deff Dred feet butted together, with the bottom trimmed flay and a piece of plastic stock added:

I trimmed two rocket from the Bomma Kit tho fit in the already existing holes on the sides of the feet.  The will give more strength than just flush gluing them on.  Finding little cheats like this really helps:
Added the two rockets and a peg to the turret:
And cut a hole in the roof of the buggy:
I finished adding details and bammo, Hot Rod buggy.
The next buggy will have a more rounded cab, more like an early Ford coupe.  The build will be a hybrid of the two cabs and I'll focus the posts on how I'll achieve it.


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