Friday, March 7, 2014

Hot Rod Buggies Part 4

I had it in mind to make the body shell on this one a bit more rounded. I built the shell as normal but I added extra bracing in the corners so I wouldn't grind through the panels with the Dremel.  I also angled the front of the cab in rather than squaring it off.

Side panels:
Tubes glued in place to act as large round panels, they also give the shell some rigidity:
Body shell with the firewall, nothing exotic:
Sealing the rear.  I planned to conform the angular edges with the tube surface:
Blocking in the corners, this will give me a bit more material to shave into:
After sealing the shell I went to work with the Dremel and a file to sculpt and shave rounded edges.  I left it rough, they are Orks after all:
Skip ahead to the complete buggy.  I raided my bits boxes for all kinds of goodies to finish it off:
And the whole squadron:

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