Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gobsmasha Part 2

Right, rivets.
I used my 1/16th in hole punch on a sheet of  .5mm sheet to make the rivets, lots of them. I used a brand new hobby knife blade to stab the rivets and glue them into place.  I did this all by eye, no weedy premeasuring for me!

Only 3 more wheels to go.

Meanwhile, I cut a disk our of 1mm sheet to fill in the rim:

Glued in:


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  1. Excellent! One of the nicest things about kitbashing orky creations is that even if you're not perfectly aligned, it still comes out looking orky. In fact, it's good to purposefully mis-align the occasional panel or rivet just for that very reason! :)

    Loving how this is coming together - have you considered building a Ruzzbot?

    I've really enjoyed seeing your conversions, and the process shots have been awesome. It's got me thinking about working on the orks again at some point soon. Inspiring stuff!