Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gobsmasha Part 1

I do love Ork vehicles.  I love the fact that the final look is open to interpretation.  I love how they are comically ramshackle.  I love how simply brutal they are. Most of all, I love building 'em!  I need some heavy gunz in this Speed Freeks army.  I always wanted to build a Gobsmasha so 'ere we go!  The very old Epic system had fantastic vehicles:
Whew, shake it off.  Gobsmasha for now.

I started by getting 4 Lego wheels.  These happen to be 56x34mm Technic wheels.  I wanted a good framework to build from, and since I'm lazy I just got these rather than scratch building. You could use anything round though.
Rather than having a smooth wheel I decided on segmented plates.  I used strip stock cut into sections for the wheel plates:
Partway through.  Both parts are polystyrene, so plastic cement wins the day here.
Some time later...
That's it for part 1, next will be the ponderous task of riveting these.


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  1. Excellent start! I rifle through my old catalogs for inspiration frequently, I'm really looking forward to seeing the Gobsmasha come together!