Saturday, January 12, 2013

Belial Conversion -Guest Post!

Hello All!
I go by Misrael on the Ordo Fanactius forums, I am also related to Scott but I lack the Conversion skills he has but today I got frisky and made a Belial from the new Deathwing Command/ Deathwing Knights box set.
With the new Deathwing Command/ Deathwing Knights box set I looked over the parts and figured out I had all the parts to make a Belial Master of the Deathwing. First I chose the legs with the studs on the left leg. Next I took a Deathwing Knight torso with the Iron Halo looking bit on it and the Hooded Head that shows just the lower part of the face. Then I used the Power Sword and Storm Bolter that would be used for a unit leader. Then the final touches are the banner from the Dark Angel Veteran sprue and Terminator shoulder shield, the last thing is the cloak that comes in the new Deathwing box. That's it. Simple and looks good and I think looks better then the GW Belial model.

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  1. Nice! I ended up doing something quite similar for Belial as well - not really a fan of the finecast model GW did for him. Great minds think alike!