Friday, October 17, 2014

Quick Hit Friday - Ork Warbike Nob

With the new codex Biker Nobs as a unit are a bit overcosted, but normal Warbikes are great!.  I figured I'd keep enough Nobz for 1 unit and build the Warbikers with the bits I had left over.  In order to keep the units visibly different I'm going for a less is more approach.  With the Bikernobz I loaded them with gear and converted the crap out of them, but for these boys I'm keeping everything more toned down.  The unit Nob here is a bit of an exception, he is a Nob after all.  I'm using Kromlech heads and torsos for the entire unit (biker gang!).  The power claw is from the AoBR Warboss, trimmed up a bit to fit.  I'm not fan of the weedy ones that come with the normal kits.  I'm short a dakkagun, so I'll scratchbuild one for this guy.  The front fairing is just on of the wheel rams put together in a different way.  Here's the WiP for this guy:
The bosspole is stock, but was shortened so that the grot's foot made contact with the bike, I trimmed his heel to give as much area to glue as possible.  These thin poles will bend and snap in a stiff fart, so adding another connection was a blessing. 
I'll do a WiP on the gunz when I get to them as well as the rest of the unit. 
I've got a few commissions in the pipe as well as a new warboss.  I'm sure I'll get things posted in a haphazard manner.


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