Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Converting Grukk! Warboss Conversion Complete.

So this Grukk conversion is complete.  My intent is to use him as a cheap HQ or as part of a greater formation.  I like the idea of running 3 Warbosses, 3 Big Meks and a Weirdboy in with a bunch of other orky mayhem.

 Kept him pretty simple:

I couldn't leave the squig alone, so I converted him too.  Every Speed Freek Boss needs a little buddy:

Next up will most likely be some finished commission pics.


  1. The squig takes the cake. I started laughing the second I saw him. Really nice work swapping the arms. That is not an easy modification!

  2. I like how he is instantly recognisable as an Evil Sunz member even without a paintjob.