Monday, October 20, 2014

Converting Grukk! Warboss Conversion Part 1

GW makes crappy Warbosses.  There, I said it.  They are very derivative of each other.  The AoBR Boss is solid, especially for a "Starter" figure, but not much variety.  Grukk, from Stormclaw, was a great  opportunity to do something different, and they blew it.  The best thing about the figure is the back (it's not covered in equipment), but no pose ability at all.  But it is different then the AoBR boss, and not the classic, weedy boss we've had forever so choppy chop!
Here's where I'm at so far:

I started with the Grukk sprue.  I wanted to switch the power claw to the right hand, mainly because every friggin other boss has it on the left.  I also wanted a different head.  Something not only to fit with my army, but something that wasn't a bald, yelling Boss.  C'mon!  But a bucket on, or at least a hat!  I knew I need to reposition his head, looking more do left sightline so I cut up the Grukk neck, trimmed a bit off and added the biggest head from the Kromlech Orc pilot sprue.  Still needs some cleanup but it's done:
Now the left arm.  I cut off the power claw, keeping as much intact as possible.  The I needed to rebuild the arm, but I'm a crappy sculpter.  Bionics!  I can do that.  I dug around for a Dreadknight hand I knew I had and used a piece of rod as a post to tie them together.  I added more rods (like hydrolic rams) to fill in the gaps, and puttied some muscle on to hide the joins:
The right arm got the entire hand/shoota removed in anticipation of the powerclaw:
The shoota, trimmed up getting ready for attachment.  I know there are better choices for a weapon, but this a "Converting Grukk" article, plus it strikes me a funny.

Coming up, some commission work and more Warboss!

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  1. Great work Scott. I was also really disappointed with Grukk. He's basically the aobr warboss with a few extra bits. The squib he comes with is really the shining star. Everything else is very bland.

    I love that you are using the kromlech heads. I just picked up a Maximi techfreak head to use on my tuska model. The 3rd party ork heads are so nice!!!