Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hot Rod Battlewagon 1 part 6

Progress! Who knew!  I finally made a decision on the front end and decided to go with the simple radiator/grill gob. 
I used a trimmed up biker chain bit and a scratchbuilt fan to put in a bit more detail on the backside of the radiator:
It doesn't need much detail, just the illusion of more complicated gubbins.

Waaargh!  I love to use as much mismatched stuff as possible to give a better impression of  looted stuff.  Orks are eco-friendly recyclers!

I got some rivet work done as well, along with just a bit more detail:
 And I also busted off my front wheels.  So much for thinking that double layered tube would be enough.  Oh well, I'll reenforce the axle with a paperclip and move on, maybe add some weld detail to highlight the fix:

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