Monday, February 18, 2013

Gobsmasha Part 7-Finished

I got on a roll and finished up Da 'Smasha.  Here's the shell predetailing:

The gun barrel is multiple sizes of tube sandwiched together.  The suppressor on the end is a sheet of .5mm card with holes punched out using an 1/8in hole punch the wrapped around the end of the barrel.

Here we are after finishing.  I used the same techniques as I have on the trucks, so nothing new here.I added multiple bits and armor plates to break up the smooth panels:
The gun casing bits are the firewall off the Trukk kit, cut down to get just what I wanted.
I took the trusty Dremel and distressed the armor. 

I had to have some horse squigs under the hood.  The exhausts are care of the Ork Bomma:

Straight on Deffrolla action!

High octane squig fuel:

With a Dave boy for scale:
A fun project.  And not the last one.  I'm using the Big Trakk rules from Raid on Kastorel Novem for these, which lets me buy them in squadrons. So I have at least two more planned.
Waaagh indeed.

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  1. That is absolutely awesome! Beautiful work, man.