Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quick Hit: Bitz from unlikely sources

I've been asked more than once about some of the bits I use on builds and it got me thinking about the "non-standard" parts I find and incorporate.  Let's take two recent builds posted here, a Nob Biker and the Gobsmasha:

Gadzook! Repeating bit!

Yup.  The scoop is the same. 
Here's the big secret: Lego.  These little wonders made the ultimate sacrifice to Gork & Mork (or is it Mork & Gork?).  They really fit the bill for exactly what I needed though.  The point is keep a squinty eye open for interesting things that can be used in you builds, ya never know.

And for da Deff Skullz out there that want to loot up you own:

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