Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gobsmasha Part 5

I wanted to build a large center hub for the wheel.  I looked at several methods and decided I'd use a short length of 1/2" tube with a cap on top.  The problem I had was how to make a plasticard disk the size I needed, on the cheap. I poked around the intertubes and found this technique on a shipbuilding forum:
Cut a piece of stack bigger than you need and drill a hole in it the size you need (this will be apparent on the next step):
Build yourself this little jig.  It's a machine screw the size of the hole I drilled, two washers the size of the disk I want, and a wing nut:
Sandwich the card between the washers on the jig and tighten:
Chuck the jig in a drill:
Trim the excess card around the washers, making sure to leave a bit of card poking out:
Run the drill and file down the excess card, making a smooth edge.  In my case I used an emery board.
Looky, round disks!
The hole is off center as my washers were too big for the machine screw, so I had wobble in my jig but the washers kept the disk even.  I only need the four disks, but if I was going to make a bunch I'd use a bigger screw to match the washer inside diameter.

Here's the hub on the wheel:

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