Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hot Rod Battlewagon 1 Part 2

Man, summer time is kickin' my a$$.  Some progress was made despite my real life commitments.
 Many moons ago I bits ordered a ton of these old school artillery wheels, just knowing that at some point in the future I'd use them.  Since this BW is a halftrack at it's core I figured they'd look good for the front wheels. I stacked them together in a set of 3 to get the width I wanted.  

While those dried I got the track units secured to the chassis.  It's a kluge, but I can hide the ugly behind armor plates later.  I set the chassis on a pitch to get that lowered front end, that will give a nice aggressive stance. At this point the tracks are just directly glued at touch points to the chassis.  Nothing fancy or proppa here.  Exacting methods have no place here!

Once the glue had set I went under the chassis and added axle struts for bracing.  Once again there is not pretty, just pure function.  I'm planning to hide these points anyway. 
Now I need to line up the wheels and verify the alignment:
Not to shabby methinks...
Here are the wheels with classic style cladding attached via an axle.  I had to grind down the chassis to get the axle to fit where needed to go, so I reenforced the attachment.  I also placed an anchor plate for the wheel guards.



  1. Looks fantastic! Great orky feel.

  2. Where did you get the artillery wheels? I need some to make my own mek gunz.