Friday, August 8, 2014

Quick Hit Friday-Tankbustas

Sometimes these conversions are a super simple.  These tankbustas are really no more the product of a bits order and scabbing together what I already had.
Quite a few use rokkits from the special weapon sprues.  Easy peasy.  I found myself short a couple so I used rokkits from the dakkajet kit and added them in various ways to the boys and loaded them heavy with tankbombs  Just to mix things up I posed them differently:
I don't go too complex.  I make it very clear what unit they are grouped to.

Now the Nob needs to be the big ol bully in this unit.  I use a cut down AoBR Warboss for the body, cutting into the shoulders to narrow them a bit.  A standard nob head and arms to keep the proportions correct, and the use of Kan Rokkit launchers make it clear who da boss.  A suitably decorated bosspole and mounting on the correct sized base (unit leader, not a "Nob" model) and they are ready to go.


  1. Great tankbusta's! Love the extra bits. Orks are so much fun because of how easy they are to convert. Looking forward to seeing these guys painted up!

  2. Love these. I bookmarked this page for when I start my own.