Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hot Rod Battlewagon 1 Part 1

I decided that the battlewagons I have don't fit my current army asthetic, so I need to revamp what I have.  I'll start by build two "Boyz Mob" wagons, just for carrying the biggest mobs I can while staying as points cheap as possible, so no big gunz on these.

The first wagon will be a half-track, but still big and lowered to match the look of the buggies and the trukks.  I started by building the first track assembly.  I'm going for a different method this time to try and get the links to line up tight.
All I've done at this point is glued the links into the larger sections, then when set I glued the road wheels on and worked the links around to close off the gaps:
You can see how the links don't quite line up.  I'll correct that on the next one.  Good news is that for a ramshackle ork rig it's not critical, but for anything else it won't work.  Best to learn here I say.
On to the chassis.  I wanted to build a frame that was upscaled from the trukk.  I found I was running short of Plastic tube so after some digging in the bits box I found that butt end of a battlewagon that I cut up for a different project.  This works great as it has the suspension bit already in place to build from. 
I glued these this way to get the maximum surface area and get the frame channels low.  I'm paying attention to the "kit" battlewagaon dimensions to get the same footprint.  I have a tendency to build things too big and crowd the table.
Next we'll get the other track unit built and get it mounted to the chassis.  Then I can figure out what wheels to use.


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