Thursday, October 3, 2013

Speedwagon (A looted idea)

I'm not above looting ideas from others.  Sometimes I'm croozin the intertubes when an idea strikes me as so great I copy it pretty much wholesale.  Today's built is an honest to goodness conversion, no scratch build, no plasticard structures, just an old fashioned parts bash.  First, credit where credit is due. Blogger Shadowcl4w posted this beauty:
Over on his blog:

I was so so infatuated I just has to build one. Here's mine:
Really it involved alot of cutting, clipping, grinding, glue, epoxy and just a smidge of scratch building.  Most of this is just repurposing parts from the battle wagon and a trukk.  It's not finished, I still need to add some details but it usable on the table and it fits with my hot rodders.

The point is not everything needs to be this huge effort to make it your own.  Bash'em up and see what happens, you might have fun doing it.

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