Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Iron Hands Sarge

Yes, I've been away.  Vacation actually.  I did get a few things done though.  I got my first squad of Irons hands complete, and boy can I tell I haven't painted in a while.  Ignore the shoulder pads for now, I'm working on a press mold to cover up my lousy freehand.  Anyway I envision the Irons Hands Sarges to be almost like junior Tech Marines.  So I did some kitbash On this guy:
The Combi Plas is a conversion, I cut away the top of a normal bolter, moved the barrel down, an places a trimmed plasma pistol in the void.  Tons cheaper than sourcing the bits. He uses the Devastator Sarge helmet with it's built in targeter.
Simple deal here, I used the missile launcher pack to give him something a bit more techy.  I like the tiny servo arm.
My homegrown bionic leg, in place and ready to go.  Never mind the shoulder though, ick.  I've got a Clan master upcoming.


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  1. Looking good, man! I'm in the midst of building a whole mess of Iron Hands myself, looking forward to seeing what you do with yours!