Monday, October 28, 2013

Grot Scrap Mini Tanks-Part 2

Your right, I've been slow in posting.  I guess I got busy filling orders.  That being said I've been working on the Mini Scrap tanks.  These are a shared personal/commission project.  I'm designing them to be cast so once our production is done I'll be retooling them a bit and offering them for general sale.  They are modular for ease of casting, plus I made sure that they can be mixed and matched to maximize their build flexibility. The masters are finished so here ya go:

3 Track sections. Sealed for ease of casting:

3 hulls:

 3 Turrets:
Here's some examples of the build combinations, never mind the turret height, the masters don't have the required holes:
No weapons.  There are lots of bits suppliers that have the weapon options you'd need.  They look better than what I can cast up.  That's what I'm going to do. Check out my Bits Supplier links for options.

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