Friday, March 8, 2013

Skarboyz Part 1

I wanted a relatively low cost hard as nails melee unit I could torpedo into an enemy and let them run amok.  I'm a big fan of the older ork history and it stuck me that what I wanted were Skarboyz,  ork veterans if you will.  Nothing direct in the codex, but after perusing the entries I noticed Nobz would fit the bill.  But how to keep them cheap?  Since the are a fire and forget unit more to shove in somebodies face and not worry about them surviving I decided to keep the upgrades simple, Heavy Armor (more modeling opportunities) and some power klaws along with a "Boss" (he'll be bigger and have a boss pole).  Stuff them in a trukk and launch away.  But how to model them?  I already have two 'Uge Warbosses.  I have multiple copies of the AoBR Warboss setaside for Mega Armor conversions, so that leaves the AoBR Nobz. I've got a bunch so off I go!

So I need to turn this pile a mediocre models into something Ded 'Ard.  Let's see...

The first thing is to modify the majority of the arms so they aren't so 2 dimensional.  I've already decided to give each Skarboy a sheild so as to easily differentiate them at a glance plus it helps reenforce the 4+ save.  Each boy will have either a slugga or a chappa in his free hand, with the other item slung.
As an example I cut this Nob down.  I'll salvage the choppa into the bitsbox and reposition the arm.

Now this nob got a new arm to be placed across his body, roman soldier style.  I made a V-cut in the shoulder to get the correct angle.I'll fill the gap with green stuff and cover it with additional armor plates.  Here's the back:
And the front:
After one short lunch hour of work:
The bodies are pretty good once you change the arms and plan to reposition heads.


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