Friday, March 22, 2013

Bits Review- Paulson Games

So I ordered some bits from Paulson Games  I'm working on a generic Space Capitol Ship rules set and wanted to build some custom ships. They are really weapons meant for mecha, such as Tau Crisis suits, but I liked their look and placed an order.

Packaging: Bagged and bubble wrapped, in a box.  No cheap envelopes here.

Here's the array of what I bought:

Mech Long Beam Gun:
Mech Underslung Beamer:
Mech Underslung Railgun:
Heavy Flame Thrower:
Infantry Rifles:

Right.  I little bit a flash on the infantry guns..  No big deal.  A little bit of mold line cleanup on the mech weapons.  No bubbles I could see.  Nice crisp casts with no warping.  Absolutely worth the price.  Much better and cooler looking than GWs Tau weapons.

I'll post my conversions later...


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