Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Old School - Eldar Objectives & Messengers

Hey!  An article!  Who knew?  Welcome to the first Old School, where I dredge up a project from the past.  A very long time ago, around 2001, 3rd edition was all the rage.  I had an Eldar Saim-Hann army, all jetbikey and fast.  It was fully converted and finished.  And it sucked.  I went something like 2-21 with it before I rage traded it away.  At the same time the concept of objectives were appearing in missions.  I of course just had to make some.  I was digging through some storage when I found these.  I guess I forgot to send them on their way so many moons ago...

Objective #1-Downed pilot
A pretty straight forward build, mostly repositioning and cutting really.

Objective #2 - Crashed bike
Gaahh!  Poor jerk got busted off at the knees!

Objective #3- Dead guy

A bit of work to reposition the legs, but effective.

At the same time, some of the Rogue Trader missions had "Messengers".  If I remeber right you had to kill the other guy's while getting yours off the table.

These are first series Dark Eldar Reaver bikes with the front ends from standard Jetbikes with gubbins added on the back. The rune is cut out of index card saturated with Zap-a-gap.  I did this on all the bikes and Vipers in the army.
The riders were the DE legs and arms, the jetbike riders bodies and Guardian heads.

So there ya go.

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  1. Very cool! I especially like where you're going with the bikes, those are going to look sharp!