Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ork T34 Big Trakk Complete

With everything going on I haven't been able to get much modeling done.  I did have the first T34 in the can so I can at least post that.

Here's the first full cast of the kit, with all the resin parts:
The single piece hull.  I didn't add plates or glyphs so each hull could be customized after the fact.
You can see the forward MG mount, it's a divot so I can directly glue or magnetize the smaller gun.

Nice rear!

I kept the T-34 lines, but stubby.

The Track units are each single piece, with a shallow fill in between the road wheels.  As my first effort I decided to do it this way for ease of casting and strength. 

I changed my pour point to the bottom of the tracks so I could provide some interior detail.  The inside plane of the tracks have plates that act as shelves the hull seats into.  I added a bit of detail to look like wheel plates.

The turret and hatch cover.  The hatch itself will hold a figure.

Or it can be closed:

The main gun, held to show the muzzle detail.

The gun-turret join.  Glueing works, but I'll pin it.

All put together, from various angles:
That was a long road to get that done.  Since I'm no longer playing in this years OFCC I'm getting these to my replacement.  They ought to look good in squadrons.  Maybe I'll have to make a Blood Axe Warband...hmm...


  1. That looks great - awesome work, man!

  2. Awesome tank shame you ain't selling these as I would have took 2 or 3'of your hands, great detail especially the tracks they have conversion potential for other vehicles.

    Great work and if you ever reopen your shop put me down for 2 if not 3.