Friday, January 24, 2014

Store Closing and Posts Slowing

First of all thank you to everybody.  I appreciate everyone whose checked out my blog here and bought my products.  I've had some folks asking what's going on and in fairness I'll tell you.

The short answer is that between a full time job, family, 2 home businesses, and hobbies I was stretched too thin.  It was becoming too much and affecting my clients and more important my family.  Priorities, man, priorities.

I'm wrapping up a few mistakes I made regarding shipments and leaving the store closed.  I would expect to a few posts, but my 2-3 times a week was way too aggressive.  I'm now shooting for twice a month, but no promises. 
I'm also closing to commissions.  I can't make timeline commitments so I'd rather not get into any hot water.

As far as posts I'm going back to showing conversion projects rather than product builds.  As my hobby time is now rather limited they'll be very focused on either my Orks or my Space Wolves, the only Armies I have left. 

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  1. Thanks for the explanation, its much appreciated. Your posts will be sorely missed, but obviously real life takes priority over toy soldiers. Hopefully someday things calm down so you can have more hobby time and take care of the important stuff too : ) Cause you are extremely talented