Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trukk #4 Part 2

Right.  Let's get on with a post.  I took the chassis and added deck plates right to the frame.  I shaved down the high spots on the frame so that the plates stayed flat:
The driver is glued in place.  This trukk has an open driver's seat so I need to build around him.

I then began building the supports for the outer shell.  Since I wanted a long nose like a really old Cadillac I put in sheet stock as framing, noted the gussets holding them square to the bottom.  I also am putting on armor skirts for the back wheels.  You can see the far side already in place:
I wanted to make sure I shored up the skirts to the body, so I didn't want to fart around with trying to mate the skirt up, nor did I want it to floppy, so I built little mounting posts and glued them to the wheels:
Then I just glued the skirt to the posts:
I then started on the rest of the shell.  At this point I wasn't sure how I wanted the final look, So it's more blocked in than anything.  I added the running boards and the fenders.  The fenders were a b****.  To get the weird angle at the wheel I scribed the plastic as normal but I didn't break it all the way so it stayed connected.  Now I had a hinge that would hold the sections together.  I shaved the base to meet more flush with the running board and propped up the front on the wheel as you can see.  The fender is light enough that the hinge doesn't bend.  I glued it to the running board and left it propped until set:

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  1. Nice! I really dig where this one's going - keep up the great work!