Monday, April 29, 2013

MegaNobz! Part 1

Yes, I'm guilty of not posting in a while.  It's spring here in the Pacific NW and that means more outside time!  Between that and products in the pipeline my hobby postings have been slow.  My goal for now is at least once a week a hobby post. They may be short, as this one is, but as least it's something.  Let's get to it!

I wanted MegaNobz that would appeal to to speed freeks.  I decided on Deffkopta conversions like these:

Mine will be more clanky but the basic frame will be the same.  I started with a pile of Deffkoptas:
Here's the initial clipping showing multiple views:
Ugly, huh?

That's it for pics.  Like I said I've been busy. 
I do have another product release coming up, this time for Marines.  It should be good...

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