Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Warbiker Boss

This will actually be my second Bikerboss.  I went back and forth with the look and decided to go over the top with the build.  What that means in the end I'm not sure, but whatever it is it has to be orky as hell.

I started with a standard bike (actually I started with a deffkopta, but we'll go into that later).  Specifically the body with the track drive.  I think it lends itself to bigger conversions as it looks to me more like a drive chain and sprocket than anything.

I cut off the forks, only because they need to be bigger on the finished model.  Into the bitzbox they go!

 The "engine" is pretty weedy.  It must have moar power! The truck engine is too big (I'll post about that fail later)  I dug around until I found the Killa Kan hip segments.  I put two back to back and with a bit of trimming the fit.  I then added tho piston jugs with some gubbinz.  Anyone who can guess what bitz are wins a prize (not really).

 It was only after the glue cured did I notice they weren't lined up.  Oh well, Meks never did doublecheck anyfing...

 Here's the dryfit of the first two parts.  It's a good'un!

Here's my rough layout I'm going for.  Two big drive wheels in the rear make for moar fasta!  We'll see if I can pull it off.



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