Thursday, October 11, 2012

Even Moar! Trukk 1 a little closer...

I really agonized over the look of the bed, and finally decided to go simple with a bit of a throwback to the old GorkaMorka trukks.  I also added a few more plates to the bed to break up the lines:
I built up the base of the side panels with a couple of layers of strip stock to give more surface area for glueing.
Meks aren't really up to date on any OSHA regulations:
 Adding more stock and pointy gubbinz:
It's a bit blurry, but I added a bit of rod stock across the front to add strength to the bed walls.  More strip stock to hide seams:
The other side:
 The lack of extra detail in the front was bugging me, so I added a steering shaft and gearbox.  Since this is a gaming piece and and easily popped trukk, I won't go overboard on the detail.  I'm not trying to win a Golden Demon here...

Whew.  Check back soon for the final stretch...

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