Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I couldn't wait any longer so I began on the first of four Trukks.

Basic parts: Trukk Chassis, one rear axle, one front axle, 2 large trukk wheels, 2 small trukk wheels

Chassis 1 had the rear portion removed and the front leaf springs:

Axles attached.  The rear axle is in the  remaining leaf slot but placed upside down.  The front axle was glued on top of the frame rails, as close to the end as possible, also upside down.  Both axles are drop axles, placing them upside down will help lower the chassis clearance.

Chassis 2 had all the leaf springs clipped.  The rear axle was placed upside down just behind the middle leafs, this will keep the wheelbase length from being too long.  The front axle was placed on the front of the frame rails.  I had to shave the axle flat so it would glue flush.

Both front clips:

Both chassis side by side.  One trukk will be a bit longer than the other.

More to come...

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