Monday, September 10, 2012


I'm a long time Space Wolf player.  I got the metal Grey Hunters box when it came out.  I was hooked.  I've had the army 20 years.  They're my old standby.  But I've always wanted an Ork army.  No rules, no wrong way to do anything.  So when I started modeling again, I decided I wanted to build an Nob Biker force to start out.  Not too many models, just to get in swing of things.

I had to start with a Warboss.  I bashed this guy together:
It's a stock Warbike, with old Imperial tank wheels and track links overlaid on the bike rear wheel. 

The big shootas are built off old Ork bolters, with more tank wheels as the ammo cans.  I pair of nitro tanks on the back finish it off.

The Engine is a chopped up heavy flamer, stacked on another pair of bolters with lots of extra plasticard.

The boss's power klaw is an old Chaos Marine Heavy Bolter and another Orky Bolter, with more plasticard:

More to come...

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  1. Great start... And the conversions look stellar... Can't wait to see more.