Friday, September 14, 2012

Canoptek Destroyer Lord

I kitbashed this guy to be my Destroyer Lord, But he turned out a bit small.  I think he's still cool, just not sure what I'd use him for.
He does cut a nice line though, I totally ripped off was inspired by the Tomb Stalker.
Next to a dave, for scale

I used Triarch Praetorian torso backs for the body segments (sorry no individual pic),
Annihilation Barge Command console bits for the legs,
Praetorian Loin Scales to cover the gaps between segments,
Warscythe tips for Scytheclaws
 and a Rod of Convenant tip for the head.
I started by trimming and gluing the torso segments end to end, allowing a natural curve to raised the body up.  Then I trimmed the "legs" down a little at the wide end, otherwise they were too long. These I glued up under the shoulder guards:
Once it was done, I used JB Weld to secure the whole ting together.  It needed the extra strength.

The head I trimmed off the Covenant bit and secured it to the front segment with a bit of techie looking cut off.  I trimmed the Warscythes down and put them in the shoulder holes.
JB Weld to the rescue!

From the top:
I used a bit of neck armor from another torso to cover the gap.

Finally I added an end off a gauss rifle to the butt.   

 Nice pooper!

Too bad I don't have any WIP shots, but hopefully this helps.

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