Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ork T34 Big Trakk

The Russian Ork theme continues with construction of a T-34 (T-3fOrk or Waaagh-34 if you prefer).  I'm designing this to be cast so a solid and chunky build is required.  Why casting?  Well, I need 9 of them, and I'm lazy.  Plus if want more later it's no big deal to crank'em out.  The main thing is I want them to be proportionally wrong.  I want them to be almost parodies of the real thing, otherwise I'd go by them and convert.  To that end I'm shortening them.  That way they'll look stubby and a touch comical.  On to some pics.

I was going to build the track units for each tank, but I'm lazy.  So using what I learned from the Grot Scrap Tank builds I'm designing the track units to be modular, just as before.  I'll build them up then backfill the inside of the tread housing to keep the unit solid.  I do lose some detail but it will keep the piece strong.

Placement on the backplate before trimming

Backplate trimmed and trackband in place:
I'll take the Dremel to the backplate to clean it up in anticipation of the track links.  Once these are all together I can seal the module and resin fill the gaps.  Hopefully I'll get good pics to share.

Meanwhile I started on the hull.  Using historical images and guides I started a hull.  This in my second attempt as the first one was crap.  I tore it apart and salvaged what I could, but most of it went in the rubbish.  I haven't finished the outer skin so you a sneak peak into the sausage here:

Here's where I'm out with a dry fit and a TerminDave for comparison.


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