Saturday, November 30, 2013

Anvil Industry Bits Review

I'm at my desk today processing client photos (one of my other hats is photography) so while I'm waiting I figured I'd write some articles.  First is my recent order from Anvil Industry  I have a need for some bits in my Irons Hands army so I figured I'd give'em a shot.

I placed my order and 5 (!) days later my goodies arrived.
I'm so excited!

Ooo, bits!

The sizes are equal to GW parts, no suprise there. The detail and quality are very good.  I know first hand how tough casting small parts is, but no issues here.

Here's the heavy Flamer as compaired to a Choas Heavy Bolter:

Bionic Arms compaired to Marine arms:

Bionic Legs (one piece) and Marine Legs:

I like them.  I have made my own arms and legs, and for one off's the are fine, but casting or pressing them sucks and never look as good as when the are done well.  I recommend Anvil Industry.  I'll be ordeing again.  He does have a Kickstarter in the works for his own game with minis.  I'm not sure about the game but the minis look great for whatever.


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