Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Iron Hands Bionic Limbs

Today, Bionic limbs for marines.  I looked at several aftermarket bits and they either are not available anymore or just a bit too small.  Time to make my own!
I started by cutting down a set of marine legs and an arm.  I then placed a bit of tube in as a base:

Then I put a bits in as interesting bionic filler:

The bits?  Old Battlefleet Gothic arials:
I'll go back and clean up the pieces with some putty.  I just wanted to get in a post as the other work has been slow and tedious.



  1. That's clever and pretty simple. My buddy's Iron Hands could do with some of this and I'm sure he'll appreciate the hint.

  2. Holy cow, that is a GREAT use of the BFG bits! Had never occurred to me, and I have dozens of those sprues. Excellent work, man!