Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Deathguard Part 1

Betcha thought I only built orks.  I've always wanted a Nurgle army.  I had a Warmaster force that I sold, and I've painted a few figs for sale, but I laways wanted a full Fantasy of 40K army.  Since I've got so many other things going on I knew if I was going to go through with it I'd have to keep my model count low.  Terminators!  More than I should have but small to pack and fewer models to paint.  Huzzah!

Being a fan of the old Realms of Choad books I always liked the idea that the Plaguebearers eternal curse was to count.  Diseases, Nurglings, flies, what have you. They are also know as the Tallymen of Nurgle.  I latched onto that idea for my Plague Marine warband, "The Tallymen".  I'll include scraps of cloth hanging off of them with their tally marks.  Still Plague Marines, but with a little more character.  Here's my prototype:

I can leave my purity seals on too, as they fit the look.  I'm doing very little scratchbuilding, partialy cause I'm lazy, but also because I want to show what can be done with bits.

This is my current progress at work project.  So the going will be slow but hopefully a bit more detailed.


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