Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gobsmasha 3 Part 2

Who likes updates? You do!  Otherwise you'd be eating a samich or picking your toes.  Not too much progress, but enough to warrant a post.

Armor plates on the sides attached.  I did these at lunch at work, so no Dremel.  Just tedious cutting and notching:

Placing my struts using 1/4in square rod to guide my right angles:

The plates added to the engine compartment and front end.  I needed to hide some gaps at the front so I used textured stock.  This stock is thinner than the 1mm I use on hulls, so it forms a bit easier.  I use more liquid cement than normal to soften the sheet to really get it to form and stay where I want. 

I also decided to build out the gun mantle a bit.  You can see the struts in place to keep the upper and lower bit solid.  This is my second mantle, the first was deeper and it didn't look right.  I tore it off and rebuilt this one shallower, but covering more of the front to hide the old joins.  This also gives me a bit more space to build a larger caliber gun.  I'm thinking something stubby, more like a siege gun. As promised, I cast the hatch.  I like it plain so I can add whatever I want, handles, optics, gun mounts, etc.  Those things are way to tough to cast without being horribly complicated.  Maybe  I'll offer them up in the store.  What do you think?  Leave some feedback.

A clean butt. Full of potential.  Fuel drums, exhaust manifolds, vent, scoops, cans of squig-brau. 


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