Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gobsmasha 3 Part 1

Here comes the third Gobsmasha.  I'll have a nice squadron of three to bring the hurt on my opponents.    I started with the shell, loosely based on a Leman Russ hull, don't forget to use gussets to keep the thing square:

Here it is in profile:
And now for a top tip, save the angle cutoff you made when you cut out your side plates.  They'll come in handy later.
The shell all closed up:

 Rather than fight with trying to make the panel fit exactly I capped it to the end, but I've got a bit of bulldog going on here.

You could trim that down to make it flush, but I'd rather sand it smooth with a trusty emery board.  There things are great for coarse work:

Aaaand done:


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