Monday, November 12, 2012

Warbiker boss part 5

Hey I managed to squeeze in some modeling time and a post before the beginning of my Turkey day prep.

Here's the current progress:

I wanted a different Power Klaw, bigger and more brutal:
 Big Dakka guns from the tutorial:
I made a cast from a bike wheel for a more Speed Freeky shoulder pad:
A 1/35th scale oil drum:
 I needed a huge biker head, so I started some putty work on the stock AoBR bonce.  I was going to try for a cloth skullcap but I ended going with a tanker style cap instead.  The extra bulk of the cap compliments the big head better, and it will tie in with some of the tanks I have planned later.

Not done with the sculpting, but a good start I think!


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