Saturday, November 3, 2012

Big Shoota Tutorial

So I needed some Dakkagunz for my Warbiker Boss, and the normal ones that come with the bikes are too small, so I scratch built a pair.  I took some pictures along the way.  Rather than go insuper detail about sizes and methods I figured I'd summarize.  I use either Evergreen or Plastruct Styrene.  I have various sizes of sheet, strip and tubes.  If you want to start I'd collect a wide variety, you'll spend around $40.  Evergreen tube is sized to slide together if you get adjacent diameters.  I use 1mm thick sheet stock in most of my projects.  It works well for all kinds of applications.  There are lots of articles on the web with details of what ranges to use, if I get enough feedback I'll do an article here.

On to the guns.

Here's what I built.  Not too shabby. Rough enough for an ork anyway. Now on to it's mate.
Rectangular tube:
Using a dakkagun for scale and as a guide:
A narrow cut off from the rectangle tube for the ejector port:
I used a Dremel to get the shape in the barrel sleeve.  I then used a hobby knife to cut out the holes.
All done! I'm saving the rivets for later, just in case the interfere with the overall boss build.
I did glue these halfpipes to the inside of the shootas to make final mounting to the Bike forks easier.

That's it.  By breaking the it down into it's basic shapes, then adding gubbins later it's not too hard to make these.  Scale up the components to make bigger gunz.  Easy.

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  1. Hey, Just come across this article its pretty good, wouldn't mind you listing the sizes of strut used?