Friday, March 9, 2018

Converting and Painting a Howling Griffons Librarian Part 1

I really didn't want to pay for the Librarian, so I figured since I wasn't using the Ancient, I'd base the Libby conversion on him.  I cut the cape off the Gravis Captain and secured it to the Ancient:

I ordered some bitz:

I cleaned up his left hand and added a pointing one I managed to find in my bits collection.  I then removed the right Bolt Rifle hand and added the GK Force sword I ordered, along with the pauldron so I could add the GK one,, along with a little scroll tube I found as well.  With the amount of clipping I did on the arm I was able reposition it a little to accommodate the sword hilt.

I'll need to do quite a bit of putty work on the back, but that shouldn't be too big a deal.  The backpack will cover some.
I left the body in two halves so I actually paint the thing.  I'll prolly keep the cape dark, either grey or black to avoid clashing with the armor.  Plus it will easier to cover after airbrushing if I go dark.

I wanted a softcap type hood, so I went with the Grey Knight head:

Next time, Paint!

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