Friday, December 19, 2014

Hot Rod Battlewagon 2 - Part 1

Yes, the posting has been pretty light.  As the kids get older and are involved in more stuff hobby time takes a back seat.  I've got some vacation time at home coming up so I'm really hoping to finish my next Battlewagon by the 1st of the year. 
I found this while poking around on the web.  I really like front end and it's weird turbine/boiler looking mess.  I figure I'll take this concept and mash it with the last wagon I built so they are similar in form but with different looks. 
On to gathering parts and a hopefully more detailed build.


  1. Real orky. Good luck with this one, could turn out pretty cool.

  2. Always look forward to your buildups! Might even look more orky with a half track back!