Friday, April 11, 2014

Sneak Peek - Grot Mini Scrap Tank Project

I'm working on another series of Grot Mini Scrap Tanks for my Ork Tankers.  These are bit smaller than My series 1 tanks, and I'm applying some lessons learned to make casting easier.  I'll shoot for a full set of 18 and since I'm basically lazy I'll build 6 masters then cast the rest.  No WIP from these as my methods are the same as before, I'll just post details for solving problems or new methods.

Here's the first 3 hulls.  I'm going more irregular and ramshackle than the first set, which were inspired by Russian Tankettes.  These little guys will be more concept based and whatever tickles my fancy.  I figure another month  or two and they'll be done.

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