Friday, December 6, 2013

Clan Raukaan Shoulder Pad Quick hit

Seeing how I'm building Iron Hands I figured I needed clan shoulder pads.  My freehand painting leaves much to be desired and I don't like decals, so I need to convert up some.  I have the brass etch sheet but the marine pads are a bit to small to get the icon to form to, so I built a prototype.

The pic isn't the best as I had to get so close, but hopefully you can see the concept.  I used the Techmarine pad from a Marine vehicle kit and shaved off the skull.  I then added hex shaped rod slices to form the bolts, then carefully drilled an indent in the center.   I then added a nubbin socket cut from a different pad to techno up the part a bit.  I still have some really close in detail clean up to do, but other then that it's ready to go.  Only 40 more to do... sigh.

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  1. You aren't going to cast it!? You sir, just blew my mind