Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Battlewagon 1 Part 2 with a Gobsmasha Chaser

I know I know, it's been a while for an article.  My hobby time has been focused on the products and now that the nice weather is here and school is letting out that time is scarce too.  I do have an update for the battle wagon though, the wheels at least:
I'm putting more effort into this wheel than the first ones.  I'm intending on casting these for my upcoming projects and a commission I have in the works.  In order to prep it for casting I had to pack the hollow inside with putty.  Once I got is sealed I poured casting resin on the "inside" surface to get a smooth seal.  I worked pretty good and was a lot easier that trying to cut a circle out of stock. 

I also started another Gobsmasha.  Here's the frame for the hull:
It's way easier to build in boxes than figure out the angles.  I'll add some inside gussets and just lay the card in place and let the angles work themselves out.


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  1. Awesome work, man! Looking forward to seeing the castings. Good call on the angles for the Gobsmasha - definitely the easiest way to do it!