Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lootaz! Part 1

I needed a unit of lootaz, but I really don't care for for the official models.  I figures between a couple of bits orders and what I already had I could cobble something together.

I really liked the look of the Stormboy control arms.  I cleaned up the the fronts and added some cutoff Nob combishootas and got these:

I have quite a few leftover biker parts and it looked like the the dakka gunz would be good.  So i Mounted them onto a boys and liked how it looked.  I couldn't think of an easy way to to make controls, so a added a couple of slugga arms to make a gunslinger on steroids:
I needed lots of ammo, so I built two cans and mounted the on his back:

Being lootas, I had to include some actual looted gunz, in this case a Tau burst cannon:
I also like the idea of mixed gunz, it really doesn't make any sence but appeals to the Ork in me.  This image shows the binding straps glued on but not wrapped around yet.  All I did was use some strip stock plasticard that was fairly thin to bend like straps:
Not all my looted guns have to be 'uge.  I liked the idea of this boy somehow scavenging a Tesla gun.  It needs power though:
Here's how I built the battery:
I cut three small sections of rectangular tube, glued them side by side and filed them down to level them off-
I then cut two pieces of card to cap the top and bottom:
Add a section of strip and a cutoff scrap to give the battery some texture:
Lastly, I added some strip on top and two cutoff sections of small plastic rod to make the terminal posts:
Next time they'll be finished!

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