Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Real Life and Productus Interuptus

So if you're still reading thanks.  You'll already know the updates have been lacking. As my kids have gotten older and busier, hobby time has been sparse. 

The other issue is that there are a metric ton of painting resources out there that quite frankly do a better job and produce a much better product than I do.  These are folks who a masters of their craft and offer more than I can.

Time for a change.

Over this summer I got involved in a few projects for my local club involving terrain.  I forgot how much I enjoy that part of the hobby over everything else. Couple that with my other shop projects, and my delving into 3d printing, it seems my niche lies elsewhere.

Coming soon will be a new project, focusing on terrain, resources, tutorials, products and services.  Once I get things set up I'll announce here first.

What does that mean for this little blog? I'll keep it up as a resource, plus when I do anything army focused that's interesting I'll post over here, more for posterity than anything.

Thanks for your patience. 


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